Saturday, October 13, 2012

I am ok!

I just got to find out "are you ok?" can be really powerful words.
I'm really ok until this sentence really makes my tear drop.
Thank you friends.
I really really appreciate it.
Thank you so much especially those who really try to cheer me up.
I know this is quite a surprise for you guys.
Its not a joke
I bliv i m big enough not to play on such thing.
And i know i should think properly before i say anything.
So so so this is wat you guys keep asking me
No big arguement no third party.
We didnt try to kill each other LOL
We just have difficulties in understanding each other.
Or probably just me having problem trusting him as much as he trusts me.
I always like that hor? LOL
I love him with all my heart and i really happy he came into my life.
Unfortunately life can't be perfect
Love stories dont always end will happily ever after
We just have to learn to take it easy right? :)
Goodbye, My Love.