Sunday, June 5, 2011

- Jalan Jalan Makan Makan @ Thailand - Day 2 & 3 -

Day 2 Early in the morning, we went to this so called "big market" just to grab something cheap to bring home and of coz, FOOD!
Spotted this stall selling turtle T_T

They say i finally looks like a woman LOL

Too hungry & we stop to had some dimsum

Places to visit

Pork inner parts mee. :O

Pork leggggggggggggggg

Sooooooooo hot!

To the floating market
I dono their name lol

2nd dinner!

Grill sotong

Awesome grill prawn

Mango salad

Siam style steam fish

Day 3
gotta catch for bus early morning so this day we only able to had some breakfast nearby
Duck mee

Reached kl