Sunday, August 26, 2012

S.Wine Cafe @ Publika

S.Wine Cafe
Ben’s Independent Grocer,
Publika, Solaris Dutamas,
Kuala Lumpur.

 Business Hours:
daily from 11am – 10pm (weekdays)
9am – 10pm (weekends)
This is defintely one of my must try restaurant. This restaurant at publika is just so well known on their pork dishes. Look at the menu. U know what are their must try. Pork lovers, porlk killers or wateva u wanna name me, I just love pork. LOL.
So cuuuuute :D
Waiting for food :D
This is actually not my first visit u know? I came here before during dinner hour and i was told I'll be in the waiting list and 14 more table to wait. LOL So peeps, if you dont wanna wait, go for early dinner, or late lunch :P
Pea and Ham Soup
Not long waited. The soup taste a little bit "special" for me, or weird perhaps. I dono how to describe the taste. But still acceptable. LOL
Roast Pork Belly
So this is what our chinese call it "siew yuk", This is awesome! When the fat melted in your mouth, U'll just fall in love to that pig. haha
Lets have a closer view :D
Sticky Rib with Chips & Slaw
This portion is huge. Please share it with your friends. Dont take this alone! I would say this is up to standard, above the average but not as awesome as the siew yuk haha,