Monday, July 22, 2013

GBK Go Burger @ Setia Walk, Puchong

GBK Go burger!
Went to this new spot at Setia Walk, Puchong due to a sudden craving of pork burger.

I actually read some review of this restaurant otw to setia walk and most of the food blog saying this is quite good

Pork lover and the porkie menu

Pork burger in progress :)

Cute spot ;)

I don remember the name. Recommended by the ppl there, not in the menu. They say this is a must try for pork lover. 
The taste of the burger is ok. Average. I still prefer pork chop burger lolx

Go swiss!
This is beef burger order by my fren. I don take beef. Recommended by them too.

Food is average but service is good :)