Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cantaloupe @ Troika Sky Dining

Cantaloupe @ Troika Sky Dining
Level 23A Tower B
The Troika
Persiaran KLCC

Good food or good view?
Visited this beautiful place on my birthday night.
A family dinner where 6 of us were seated beside the KLCC view.
Its very thoughtful of them to get us a round table with awesome view.
Ignore the fatty me, love the view

Walking around before the dinner served

Can i call this a starter?
Smoked duck
Sweet and sour. 

They hav really fancy name for this first course but well, its scallop. Lol

Foie gras
I m not a fans of this

Something for us before the main course served

This is good. Small portion as expected. 

Cod fish

Wahyu beef
For me to see only. 


Ok thats my black forest bombe
Decided to take tis afta looking like forever at the dessert menu lol!


Managed to took a pic before they burn it lol!

Show time yay

Melting waaaaa

Thats another chocolate dessert

Apple crumbles

Chocolate and lime

Enjoy the view. Enjoy the food. Enjoy the drinks