Saturday, January 19, 2013

19 January 2013

3rd day since we broken up and i'm still not alright.
Not crying every second of the day anymore but I still feel the pain of my heart.
I still cant accept someone give up on me so easily.
Months that we have been through.
Even when we are down to such bad situation.
was really glad both of us still holding on.
I remember my promises.
I wont give up so easily.
I ll try my best to tolerate coz we are both different person
You once told me to beliv we can make things work.
You once told me love is about how two diff persons live together.
I'm not the best but i'm trying my best
And now you leave me alone telling me you dont love me anymore
bcoz you are tired of trying
How am I supposed to take this?
If you are not sure of your feeling
Dont play with my heart.
You have no idea how much effort ive put in
You have no idea how tough i gotta walk away with broken heart.