Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw in front of Endah Promenade

So you know I'm such a food lover that die for good food, I know this is super sinful having this burger at this hour, 11pm at night. I just have to try this.
So the story begins when i'm at Endah Promenade for gym, spotted this huge burger stall beside the road, just in from of My Coffee. So so soooo wanted to try. After two hours of gym and half an hour of badminton game, I'm here to kill all my effort.
I had this benjo special cause deep inside myself I still feel guilty putting food into my stomach at this hour. RM2.80 for a benjo special. WAH~ Fren ordered Lamb Special, which she say it is good, priced at RM5+. Another fren ordered Beef Burger with Mushroom Cheese, she said its good but a bit pricy (RM9)
And its time for the pig to sleep. Goodnight World! :D